Quality and respect for the environment are part of our reason for being and this applies both to our products and services, and to our way of working.

In this way, all the machines that we manufacture are not only efficient at the production level, but they are also respectful with the environment.

To achieve this, the machinery we use for this purpose has an indisputable quality, where innovation plays an essential role. Precisely, the quality of our fleet of machines has helped to ensure the strong position that DIPER occupies today in the market of the roll forming machinery.

In addition, we have the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate granted by Bureau Veritas.


DIPER has people with a high technical level at your service. Our company has its own mechanical and electrical engineering, which allows us to create the entire process and be able to customize it 100%, responding, in this way, in an exact way to the needs of the client.

In this sense, we bet on the most avant-garde technology and respectful with the environment, so that we can offer the most effective solutions.


We have one of the production centers, better equipped and with the highest technology, both nationally and internationally. Behind this technology, we have a team of experts in different areas of engineering, able to devise the most suitable machine or roll forming line for each client, always with DIPER quality and reliability.

Both our team and the machinery that we have allow us, not only to create customized machinery and high performance, but also, we can perform constant quality controls, thus reinforcing the improvement of our processes.


ISO 9001:2015