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Technology is in our DNA. With an innovative vision, at DIPER we use digital tools to provide a product that suits your needs.

Programming of roll forming machines


Roll forming systems

Depending on the production needs and the customer's profitability goals, at Diper we offer different roll forming solutions determined by the type of profile to be made, the productivity and the flexibility required.

Laser cutting systems

Fibre laser cutting system starting with the coil, perfect for ongoing and automatic production, fully integrated in the manufacture line.

Flexible punching systems

Depending on the production speeds needed and the tolerances in the positions of the holes, we design and provide the most suitable punching machine system, whether before or after the roll forming.


Integrated in-process systems

Throughout the years, our high level of specialisation at Diper has enabled us to develop complete solutions for our customers, thus manufacturing not only roll forming lines, but also integrated production processes to create the finished product.


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